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Citrus Shores

Citrus Shores

The Citrus Shores range replaces the much loved Just Grapefruit collection. This long-standing favourite has been given a new name and vibrant orange colour palette to reflect its zesty formulation. Citrus Shores has been designed to lift the spirits and pamper the skin… with an exclusive and addictive fragrance.

Grapefruit essential oil, peel and extracts, rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, are blended together with other enriching ingredients, such as Shea butter, Wheatgerm and Coconut oils, Vitamin E, Pro Vitamin B5 and Glycerine to name but a few, are known to clean, refresh, moisturise, soothe and fragrance your skin.

Choose from luxury Eau de Toilette, Bath & Shower, Skin and Hair care products, Candles and Gift boxes.

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  1. Citrus Shores Bath & Shower Gel

    Citrus Shores Bath & Shower Gel


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  2. Citrus Shores Body Lotion

    Citrus Shores Body Lotion


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  3. Citrus Shores Hand Wash

    Citrus Shores Hand Wash


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  4. Citrus Shores Hand Soother

    Citrus Shores Hand Soother


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  5. Citrus Shores Shea Butter Cream
  6. Citrus Shores Hand & Nail Cream
  7. Citrus Shores Enriching Soap

    Citrus Shores Enriching Soap


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  8. Citrus Shores 30ml Eau de Toilette

    Citrus Shores 30ml Eau de Toilette


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  9. Citrus Shores 100ml Eau de Toilette

    Citrus Shores 100ml Eau de Toilette


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